Tuesday, August 30, 2005

LA Zoo Bat Walk

Very cool time at the LA Zoolast night. Docents walked with patrons through the Zoo after closing and heard bats with a "bat locator" which transposes the sounds of the little fliers to the human audible range! Got to change a car tire, too!


Keri Dearborn said...

Why do you need a special device to hear the bats?

-michael lawshé said...

Bats communicate and find food using ultrasonic frequencies - higher pitched sounds than humans can hear. I purchased a device that transposes down the sounds 3 to 4 octaves in pitch with a special microphone and plays it back through a small speaker so we frail folk can hear it .

hey! I like it!

-michael lawshé said...

Hey! We did another set of walks.. more info to come.