Monday, August 21, 2006

Smallville Wins Sound Editing Emmy #2 !!

Damn... I'm the shortest one.

Roughly what I said the other night, was...

"First of all, I'd like to say to all of the nominees in this category.. you each deserve one of these for all of your great work.
Thanks to Norm Barnett, Kim Waugh and Dan Gillett and the entire WB PPS team.
We cannot do this kind of work without the unnamed and uncredited
Editors and assistants who work with us.

Thanks to the Mixers, Dan Hiland for his amazing Dialog and Music and especially to Gary Rogers, our Fx mixer who tragically lost his daughter last week.

We work in illusions, creating soundscapes for dramatic pictures.
Hold your friends close and your loved ones tightly.
They are what are important.
They are the reality.
Thank you very much.

Thanks to producers Tim Scanlan and Ken Horton for their cooperative support and guidance.

Smallville - Arrival
Editor List:

Michael E. Lawshe
Timothy A. Cleveland
Paul J. Diller
Stuart Calderon
Jason Oliver
Jessica A Dickson
David M. Cowan
Chris Mc Geary -Music Editor
Casey Crabtree - foley
Michael Crabtree - foley
**Eric Erickson - Uncredited FX and ADR

Additionally, we were lucky enough to be nominated for Supernatural.
Here are the just as deserving nominees.

Supernatural - Pilot Editor List

Michael E. Lawshe
Timothy A. Cleveland
Paul J. Diller
Marc Meyer
David Lynch
Karyn Foster
Jessica A Dickson
Chris Mc Geary -Music Editor
David Lee Fein - foley
Jody Thomas - foley

**Stuart Calderon - Uncredited FX
**Brian Risner - Uncredited FX
**Eric Erickson - Uncredited FX
**Adam Johnston - Uncredited FX
**Jeremy Gordon - - Uncredited ADR/Dial
**Wayne O'Brian - Uncredited FX

- michael lawshe

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