Thursday, July 26, 2007

Prelude to 1776 - 2007 part 2

Prelude to 1776 - 2007 part 2!

-will be recorded and simultaneously air, live on September the 22,

4:45pm Pacific - 7:45 pm Eastern

Please make yourself available - wanted.. all Voices!

Poets, Patriots, and an Angry Mob.
- live broadcast at 5pm, PST
We Need Your Voices!

Join Us! We request your presence to a party and live recording session that will be "talkcast" live on

We will be reading from a prepared script which will be emailed to you ASWFI {as soon as we finish it!}

Prelude to 1776 - 2007 PART 2
Description: Historical perspectives on Independence Day - The Nature of American Freedom
Live readings from the lead up to the creation of the Declaration of Independence

If you can't make it.. you can call in from a home or cell phone line or free through your computer.

You can learn how by following this link to Doug Welch's awesome explanation

To listen or download the first part ...

Click Here to download from

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