Thursday, July 16, 2009

Smallville Nominated Again!!

Smallville • Bloodline • CW • Tollin/Robbins
Productions and Warner Bros. Television
Michael E. Lawshe, Supervising Sound Editor
Jessica Dickson, Dialog Editor
Norval Crutcher III, ADR Editor
Paul Diller, Sound FX Editor
Marc Meyer, Sound Effects Editor
Tim Cleveland, Sound Effects Editor
Jenny Leite, Sound Editor
Chris McGeary, Music Editor
Michael Crabtree, Foley Artist
Al Gomez, Foley Artist

Battlestar Galactica • Daybreak (Part 2) •
Syfy • R&D TV in association with Universal
Cable Productions
Daniel Colman, Supervising Sound Editor/Sound
Jack Levy, Supervising Sound Editor
Vince Balunas, Dialogue/ADR Editor
Sam Lewis, Sound Effects Editor
Michael Baber, Music Editor
Doug Maddik, Foley Artist
Rick Partlow, Foley Artist

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation • Mascara •
CBS • A CBS Paramount Network Television
Production in association with Jerry
Bruckheimer Television
Mace J. Matiosian, Supervising Sound Editor
Ruth Adelman, ADR Supervisor
Jivan Tahmizian, Dialogue Editor
David Van Slyke, Sound Effects Editor
Troy Hardy, Music Editor
Joseph Sabella, Foley Artist
James Bailey, Foley Artist

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles •
Mr. Ferguson Is Ill Today • FOX • Bartleby
Company and The Halcyon Company in
association with Warner Bros. Television
Jon Ibrahim Mete, Supervising Sound Editor
Pat Foley, Dialogue Editor
Tim Farrell, Sound Effects Editor
David Werntz, Sound Effects Editor
Jerry Edemann, Sound Editor
Michael Baber, Music Editor
Catherine Rose, Foley ArtistShelly Roden, Foley Artist

24 • 10:00PM - 11:00PM • FOX • Imagine
Television and 20th Century Fox Television
in association with Teakwood Lane
William D. Dotson, Supervising Sound Editor
Catherine M. Speakman, Supervising ADR Editor
Jeffrey Whitcher, Sound Editor
Pembrooke Andrews, Sound Editor
Dayl Fontenault, Sound Editor
Shawn Kennelly, Sound Editor
Melissa Kennelly, Sound Editor
Jeffrey Charboneau, Music Editor
Laura Macias, Foley Artist
Vincent Nicastro, Foley Artist

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