Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Ghosts of the Internet 2010 is Coming!

Folks will be dying to hear it!

Get your Spooky On!
Saturday, October 30th, 2010
Bring your Own Ghost story or read with us for our
Fourth annual live “Ghosts of the Internet” radio show!!
Be there at 2pm for Sign Ups!
LIVE at 2:30pm Pacific


click below
Live! from the Platt Branch of the Los Angeles Public Library
23600 Victory Boulevard Woodland Hills, CA 
Kids and Adultscome join us and be part of the show! 
Tell your own spooky story or read a classic horror tale!For Info or how to join in online... email us - liveshow@eclipse-1.com
or call +1 818 338 5411 and leave up to a 3 minute story! 
Want to join in and be a part of the show? Here's a few hints:
TELL YOUR OWN SPOOKY STORY!   What could be better!?
Please state your name and title of the story/piece.
Tale Length:  5 minutes or less
Read from the Public Domain: - Poetry, Books, Stories published before 1923
Please state your name and the Author and title of the story/piece you will read.
Remember:  It's a Family Audience!  - No sexual situations or adult language!

For Specific Information - Click through to GhostoftheInternet

pre record!! Send me an 160mbs .mp3 file

You can Click through from the blog to leave a 3 minute recording!

a Live Production of    Eclipse-1.com 

Listen to a Test Recording with Google Voice!

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