Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Ghosts of the Internet 2011 raised our spirits! Listen in!!

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Ghost Of The Internet 5!

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Ghosts of the Internet 2011
raised our spirits! 

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Watch The New AZADLosAngeles Promo by Eclipse-1 Media!

Watch The New AZADLosAngeles Promo  by Eclipse-1 Media!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Congrats to "The Walking Dead" Sound Editing Crew!

Outstanding Sound Editing For A Series - 2011

The Walking Dead - Days Gone Bye

AMC Productions
Walter Newman, Supervising Sound Editor; Kenneth Young, Co-Supervisor/Sound Editor; Darleen Stoker, Supervising Dialogue Editor; Jerry Edemann, Supervising Foley Editor; Michael Baber, Music Editor; Hilda Hodges, Foley Artist; David Lee Fein, Foley Artist

Sunday, July 03, 2011

History Unfolds - Radio Show Prelude to Revolution

July 4th 2011- Live your Liberty, don't lose it in a History Book.

Live your Liberty, don't lose it in a History Book.

Keri and I invite you again to listen to the three live dramatic "radio play" podcasts based upon letters and documents from the lead up to the American Declaration of Independence. You can hear readings from our nation's past which directly reflect upon our nation's present and future.

You can Click below to listen streaming from our site at

Part 1 Prelude to a Revolution
Part 2 Spring 1775, The Cost of Liberty
Part 3 "Our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor"

We began these series of live dramatized readings three years ago as our Nation approached it's "birthday". It struck us that the situations and the causes of the American Revolution were as alive today as they had been to our countries' forefathers:
Polarization of political speech, leaders quashing dissent in the press, the imprisonment or detaining of persons without trial or hearing, and the removing of "undesirable persons" to offshore prisons.

The political climate may be changing, but :

"The cause of America and of liberty is the cause of every virtuous American Citizen Whatever may be his Religion or his descent, the United Colonies know no distinction, but such as Slavery, Corruption and Arbitrary Domination may create. Come then ye generous Citizens, range yourselves under the Standard of general Liberty, against which all the force and Artifice of Tyranny will never be able to prevail. I am,
Go Washington"

As people around the world struggle for representative governments, let us not forget that our own democracy was born of decades of economic and violent unrest. The course of freedom seldom runs smoothly. May those who seek the rights of self-expression, self-governance, and liberty find in the voices here, words to encourage their own endeavors.

You can click here to listen directly on your computer or to download the high quality .mp3 files from talkshoe.com

These shows were written and directed By Keri Dearborn and Michael Lawshe 
of Eclipse-1.com - Making New Media for a Bold World

Special Thanks to Douglas Welch of Welchwrite.com

Friday, January 21, 2011

Smallville and Supernatural Nominated for Golden Reels Awards

Golden Reel Awards
February 20, 2011



Warner Bros. Television

Produced by: Kelly Souders, Brian Peterson, Tim Scanlan, Tom Flores
Directed by: Greg Beeman

 Supervising Sound Editor:  Michael E. Lawshe
 Supervising Dialogue Editor:  Jessica Goodwin
 Supervising ADR Editor:  Charlie Crutcher
 Dialoge Editor:  Jessica Goodwin
 Charlie Crutcher:  Dialogue Editor
 ADR Editor:  Michael Lawshe

 Assistant Dialogue Editor:  Deron Street

Additional Crew:
 Assistant Dialogue Editor:  Damon Cohoon
 Assistant ADR Editor:  Sonya Pettijohn
 Loop Group Supervisor:  Edie Mirman
 Production Sound Mixer:  Rob Hanchar
 ADR Mixer:  Eric Gottheif
 ADR Mixer:  Lisa Doyle
 ADR Mixer:  Carolyn Tap
 ADR Mixer:  Wendy Czajkowsky
 Dialogue Re-recording Mixer:  Dan Hiland 

Point of No Return

Warner Bros. Television
Produced by: Sera Gamble, Robert Singer, Eric Kripke, McG, Todd Aronauer
Directed by: Philip Sgriccia   

 Supervising Sound Editor:  Michael E. Lawshe
 Supervising Sound Editor:  Charlie Crutcher
 Sound Designer:  Marc Meyer
 Supervising Foley Editor:  Trevor Sperry
 Foley Artist:  Rick Owens
 Foley Artist:  Monette Melvin
 Editor:  Timothy Cleveland
 Editor:  Michael E. Lawshe
 Editor:  Paul Diller
 Editor:  Marc Meyer 
 Editor:  Karyn Foster
 Editor:  Ron Salaisis  

Additional Crew:
 Assistant Sound Editor:  Deron Street
 Assistant Sound Editor:  Sonja Pettijohn
 Foley Mixer:  Trevor Sperry
 Sound Effects Re-recording Mixer:  Bill Jackson
 Field Recordist:  Michael Lawshe


Best Sound Editing: Short Form Dialogue and ADR in Television
Human Target "Ilsa Pucci"
Mad Men "The Summer Man"
Smallville "Salvation"
The Glades "A Perfect Storm"
The Mentalist "The Red Ponies"
The Tudors "Sixth and the Final Wife"
The Walking Dead "Guts"
True Blood "9 Crimes"

Best Sound Editing: Short Form Sound Effects and Foley in Television
Breaking Bad "One Minute"
Human Target "Pilot"
Lost "Ab Aeterno"
Supernatural "Point of No Return"
The Bridge "Chain of Fools"
The Tudors "Sixth and the Final Wife"
The Walking Dead "Guts"
True Blood "I Smell a Rat"

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Change for Friends of the Island Fox

Happy New Year!!

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