Monday, September 08, 2008

GOTI Halloween Downloads pdfs! Part 2

Download a story or Poem from us! - pdf

READ by - RED and BOLD are stories that have already been
Pre recorded

- Bram Stoker
Draculas Guest

Ambrose Bierce!

The Damned Thing

A Diagnosis of Death

One Summer Night

Staley Fleming

An Arrest Read by Stephanie Brown

A Cold Greeting

Present at a Hanging

Two Military Executions

Demon of Stackpole Court - Jessie Adelaide Middleton

The Terror - Guy De Maupassant

RATS! - by M.R. James

Edgar Allan Poe!

Masque of the Red Death

The raven EAP.pdf REad By Michael Lawshe

The Cask of Amontillado EAP.pdf New THIS YEAR!!

The Tell-Tale Heart EAP.pdf

The Black cat EAP.pdf

The sleeper EAP.pdf

To One Departed

Sonnet - Silence

The Oval Portrait



Halloween Jokes 2009 A

Halloween Jokes 2009 B

Halloween Jokes 2009 C

New Spooky Jokes4

Walk Into My Parlor - Poem

The Owl - Poem -Tennyson

Spooks_Halloween poem Read by Dave Cowan

A Naughty Pumpkin_poem

Fraidie Cat - Poem

GHOST 2X.pdf Shadows In The Mirror- Night Visitor -Something Was Wrong


GHOST 2.pdf The Woman In Grey - The Call - The Whistling Tea Kettle - Down In Back

GHOST 4 4.pdf Click-Clack Read By Charlie Crutcher - The Cemetery - The Lake - Room For One More Read by Linda Tanzi Jackson - Ghostly Rescue

S. E. Schlosser's "SPOOKY" series Books

TommyknockersSchlosser.pdf Read By Marc Meyer

Dancing w the devil Schlosser.pdf

Joachin murrietta Schlosser.pdf

Others! Long, but very cool for reading!

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving.pdf

The Selfish Giant oscar Wilde.pdf

The Haunted House Dickens.pdf

A ghost story Twain 2.pdf

The Monkeys Paw

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